World’s largest kinetic video wall.
45 seamless screens, a total dimension of 15 x 1.8 metres, 9600×1080 pixels – five times full HD

This unique entertainment zone attracts customers and, at the same time, promotes a food court which is slightly hidden in the mall. The installation became a hallmark of the mall and is widely recognizable in the city.




The video wall is built of 45 seamless screens in a 15×3 configuration which gives a total dimension of 15×1.8 metres. It allows to display pictures at resolution of – 9600×1080 pixels – which amounts to five times full HD.

What is more, the system integrates 2 functionalities, providing interaction within 2 separate layers. The first layer is a large format graphics displayed on the entire wall, creating a coherent interactive panorama which reacts to the movement of passers-by in a 2-metre ’interaction zone’.

The second layer is divided into 5 separate interactive, gesture-detecting modules, 3 metres wide and 1,8 metres high each (9 screens in a 3×3 configuration) designed for individual interaction. In order to activate a selected module you simply need to stand on the spot marked on the floor.

Proprietary Interactive Digital Signage system

The technology behind the video wall is Aduma’s proprietary Interactive Digital Signage system. The Digital Signage Industry has already recognized interactivity as the key to increasing user activation and ROI. Yet there has been no solution flexible, powerful and scalable enough to allow OEMs and Integrators to incorporate the full range of interactive technologies into their portfolios. Aduma addresses this problem with its interactive Digital Signage platform which brings simplicity to creating and displaying interactive content.

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